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Collection Summary
Administrative Information
Arrangement Note
Scope and Content
Publication Rights
Container List
VPIRG Newsletters and Reports
VPIRG History - Clippings roll calls and photos
Energy - Global Warming, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change
Misc. Children/Welfare, Transportation, Economy, Fairness Doctrine
Tort Reform, Medical Malpractice
Utilities - Green Mountain Power Rate Cases
Consumer: Toys; Cars
Banking / Animal Testing, Rent to Own / Building Liability, Misc.
Utilities - Misc. Energy, Vermont Yankee, Fuel Switching, Energy Plan, Central Vermont Public Service Rate Case
Telecommunications and Credit, Unsafe Toys Reporting, Playground, Misc, Consumer, Toxic Art Supply.
Solid Waste and Economic Development
Lead, Bristol Landfill
Utilities - Externalities
Toxics / Hazardous Waste
Hydro - Quebec
Lobby Days, Misc. Environmental, 1996 Roll call: Newsletter
Bovine Growth Hormone
Nuclear power plants / Low level radioactive waste,
Vicon / Incineration
Energy, Clean air, Energy Efficiencies
Consumer, Biotech, L. McCarren Nomination, Lemon Law, Insurance Disclosure
Central Vermont Solid Waste Disposal Landfill
Utilities - Radioactive Waste Docket 5270 - collaboratives
Utility Rate Cases
Recycling/ SW Reduction/ Packaging
Misc. Health Care / Medical Malpractice / Single Payer Insurance
Toxics / Hazardous Waste
Toxics / Hazardous Waste
Incineration / Misc. Environmental action
Health Care Reform
Solid Waste
Public Service Board Rules, Utilities -- PSB interventions
Misc. Packaging Act 250
Diaper Boycott, Bottle Bill
Voter Registration Project Files
Food Irradiation
News Clippings
Audiovisual and emphemera
Water Quality/NH VT Solid Waste
Central Vermont Public Service Litigation Rate Case

Vermont Public Interest Research Group Collection