About the Cartoonist & Illustrator

About the Cartoonist

Michael F. Giangreco, Ph.D., is a University Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Education in the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont (UVM) and has been affiliated with UVM's Center on Disability and Community Inclusion since joining the UVM faculty in Fall 1988. His work with colleagues has focused on various aspects of inclusive education for students developmental disabilities. Prior to joining the UVM faculty (1975-1988) he worked with children and adults with disabilities in a variety of capacities including camp counselor, community residence counselor, special education teacher, special education coordinator, educational consultant, university teacher, and researcher. Since 1982 he has authored over 200 publications (e.g., research studies, journal articles, book chapters, books) pertaining to special education. He began creating cartoons about special education, disability, and related topics in 1997. It was immediately apparent that while he could create the ideas, text, and original drawings, he needed a professional artist/illustrator to collaborate with him on redrawing the cartoons. Thus began a 20+ year cartoon collaboration with his friend and artist, Kevin Ruelle.

About the Illustrator

Kevin Ruelle is a talented artist living and working in Vermont for over 30 years.  Illustrating cartoons is just one of Kevin's many artistic talents. He  works across several applications and mediums including graphic design, photography, water colors, technical illustrations, packaging art, architectural renderings, illustrated maps, and posters. He runs a successful commercial art business, Ruelle Design and Illustration, located in Burlington, Vermont.  He produces all forms of visual communication and multimedia projects.