Mary Pratt to Ruth Fletcher, 1847 May 6 and Almira T. to Ruth Fletcher, 1847 May 6

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Mary Pratt to Ruth Fletcher, 1847 May 6

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Winooski May 6th 1847Dear Aunt

it is with pleasure that I seat myself to write A few lines to you to let you know that my health is good and hope these few lines will find you in enjoying the same blessing I have had the measles but did not have them verry hard I do not board at Harvy's but went there And had the measles I staid there A fortnight the girls all come there when I was there and I have not been half as contented since I went back to my old boarding place as I was before went away at all I do not get much time to work for myself and for when I get home at night I am so tired that I cant work much and I do not get any time to only sunday but the girls told me that H was A going up to saturday & it is now thursday night and I came over to H to write A few lines to you and it is as late as 10 oclock and they have all gone to bed I wish you would write to me as soon

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as you can & write what Mr S said about Levi & what he said my being here tell aunt L to write and tell her I should be verry glad to see her tell Craig I want to see him verry much & and should be as glad to see Alvora I received your kind letters last night but until then had not received A single letter since I came here I had began to think I was forgotten by everry one I could think of enough to cover A sheet of paper but it is so late and my head aches some that I cant writ much more and H is coming up and he can tell you all the rest Almira says she will write a little & do up the letter in the morning as she is not A going to work till after breakfast so good by

M F Pratt

you must not look at the writing nor spelling for you know how late it is & I had ought to abed

I should like to have you send me sugar

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Almira T. to Ruth Fletcher, 1847 May 6 Respected friends

it is with pleasure that I improve the few leasure moments I have in wrighting to you to let you know of my health which is good as usual & hope these few lines will finde you enjoying health & I have not much nuse to rite but thinking you would not like to pay postage on blank paper I I would fill up the with somthing Mary came here & had the measles & I took care of [she] did not have them very hard I think hur health will be than it was before she was sick I should like to see you all very much Lydia in particular for I have not seen hur since [she] came from Mass I should like to see & tell about that ride tell him to be a good boy & when I come home we will have that gray pony & take that it is very sickly here with the measles their has ben 6 deaths in winooski with in 2 weaks 2 of the measles I canot rite much for it is past 10 oclock I want to see you all very much to give my respects to all that enquire for me now I do not think you will have a very harde taske please to excuse the privilage I have taken in riting to you spell all mis spelt wordes & rectify all mistakes before publishment this from one that is

your friendAlm T


Mrs Ruth FletcherWaterville VtThis money Mary sendes to Lydia