Mary Powers to Ruth Fletcher, [1852?] April 18

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Calais Apr the 18th 1852(?)Dear Aunt

it is with pleasure that I take my pen in hand to in form you of my health which is very good with exception of a bad cold Father preaches at [Moscow] today Mother is not very well Martha is at work to Mr Ira Kents the post master and I am at home now

I have taken a school in woodbury this summer and I have a dollar aweek it is six miles from home. we all live in one house and I think it is a very pleasent place I like very much it is a very house I think. there is a kitchin bedroom [    ] space way parlor and fire place in both parts we have had a Donation party the people come in the afternoon and the young people in the evening was thirty four maried people and fifty young people they brought in fifty dollars in the whole. I should to see you all very much I want you should kiss Ella for me give my best respects to uncle Andrew and and keep the rest for your self it seems as though I must say kiss little Emma to but I cannot know you cannot. I cannot write any more this time and I want you should write to me as soon as you get this please excuse mistakes.

Direct your letter to Calais

I want unlce Andrew should write Some on it too

This from your most affectionateMary Powers
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Mrs Crosier and all the girls are to work out but Helen Edwin has taken a sugar place and Helen has taken a in the same that I have and haves a dollar and half her school is larger