Ruth Fletcher to Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1864 August 19

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Waterville Aug 19th 64My dear Son

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Yours of the 14th came to hand a few moments ago & I hasten to answer it you wrote you thought of going to the war what would it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your life I am sure money is of but little value when ones life is the forfeit if you are bent on going we cannot hinder you as formerly for you are

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of age but you must weigh the matter candidly & think how Father & Mother & the children felt when you enlisted before & how they will feel now we even never give our consent for what would money be to the life of my boy I want you to think of how much trouble your poor Mother has had of late & is still having & do not add any too it for it seems as tho I could not bear much more I shall expect an early answer for it does

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not seem as tho I could wait to hear from you for it was unexpected to me that you could be hired to enlist you are far away where I cannot talk to you but hope you will get this before you act in the matter your Cousin Laura An is dead she died 2 weeks ago last Tuesday Your Father has got a lame back he has not got all of his hay & oats cut yet Ella is about the same not much better we sold our butter about two weeks ago for forty cts

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I was sorry you got that sponge to pay so high for it one quarter of it was all I needed and I did not expect it would be but a few cents however I must make the best of it can they are all gone to bed but me & I must close and go & lay & think of my absent boy

Do write as soon as you get this & relieve your Mothers great anxiety

From your afflicted MotherRuth Fletcher

Edson & his wife & 2 sisters are up we expect them here next week