Ruth Fletcher to Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1864 October 9

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Waterville Oct. 9th __64My Dear son Craig

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why do we not hear from you we have received no answer from my last we cannot imagine why you do not write it seems so hard that we cannot hear from you if we cannot see you My health is not as good as I wish it was the rest about as usual our Conference has passed off with some little good resulting from it as we hope & humbly trust there is quite a number that feel that they are hopefully converted your Sister among the rest & there was six baptised last Sunday Mrs P. Shattuck Mrs AP Cheney

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Abbify & Martha & Ellenette Mary Bickford Cynthia L D is baptised to day there has been quite anumber of backsliders reclaimed oh how I wish you was one of the number how much better you would enjoy yourself if you was Christian Wednesday eve they have all gone to meeting to night but Adella & myself & so I thought I would converse with you a little how I wish you was here tonight how a Mothers heart yearns over her absent boy do be good study the word of God & look over those rules I gave you often & profit there by & if you are tempted to commit a wrong act think oh think of your ever anxious Mother you have been gone from us the longest you ever was but we hope to see you before a great while

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[Welcome] has bought out [James Me] & is a going up there to live John has sold out to Luther Thomas it is expected he will have Ann Locke Sarah has gone back to Newport Will was very attentive while she was at home he & [Amasa] have bought L Ws threshing machine & are at work with it Orrin & L are a going to live with Father T Aunt N. has bought the Tucker place for Enos. E Brown talks of buying the Reuben place & Alek has sold to Duff & moved to Highgate William C has bought N Oaks place Your Father has rather a hard time to secure his crops it is so wet & rainy we are very much confined at home this fall

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I am geting tired & must close do write as soon as you get this

From your ever loving MotherRuth Fletcher