Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1873 May 26

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ChateaugayMay 26th 1873My dear Sister

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Why dont you drop me a line and let know what you are doing Did Craig get the accounts I sent him last Thursday if so tell him to attend to them at once and all the rest of my matters for we intend to start next Monday for Cal. or somewhere

Does Craig want me to take all the money Bent gets for sugar if so tell him to send me an order to that effect for Bent is so exact you know I have not got the $78.40 yet that I sent the receipt for Have you sent the trunks yet if not send them by next

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Stage for I am out of clothes Tell J.C. French that I want the chair & sofa sent to Bent at once Have you sent the sugar to Silver as I wrote last week do all my business Sis the best you can and take your pay from proceeds as you go along if you get enough. get all the money and send to Chat._ that you can before we may start before next Monday. If A[    ] dont want to keep that cutter take it yourself & use it Tell to charge E Reynolds with that of shoes 2.25 and I charge them him what did Tom Lamp[eough] do with his suit it was on note and the note is in my book Be sure and write on receipt of this and oblige

your BrotherEd.