Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1873 July 23

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Sacramento CaliforniaJuly 23d 1873My dear Sister

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It has been a long time since I have heard one word from you and not a word from Craig since I landed on this court. I should think he might drop just one word about my affairs if nothing more I received a paper the Vt. Citizen with pen & holder but it was not my gold pen after all I think you will find it in the drawer of the secretary the name Aiken is on it if you find it send by letter. Well I suppose if you could see me the first thing would be how do you all do and as to that I am glad to say that we are

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in the best of health in fact I have not seen Rillie so well in a long time as she is at prsent notwithstanding the very hot weather for a few days last week the thermometer went to 104 [degree symbol] in the shade but yesterday we had a very very strange day for Cal. it was very cloudy and rained a little and we also had two quite heavy claps of thunder about noon but to day it is hot again I have rented a nice little house at 15.[$] per month and we are going to keeping house next week so when you come visiting you will find our domicil on the corner of P. St. between 8th & 9th I wish our box was here for we need it so much but I suppose of course you have sent it long ago and I have sent up to Stockton to day to

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see if it is there when did you send it Did Craig get the skelliton and what has he done with it cant he sell it for some thing. Has he ever got any thing from McMaster where is he & c. are they at work on the R.R. near you tell me all the news We see Mrs Cornish every day she is very smart Mr. & Mrs. Burke are splendid folks and very kind to us as well as every one else has Craig ever done any thing with [Labadie] about the [fidle]. Has Ike Chasman paid any thing to Craig on my account or old Labouty or any one else Could Craig make any thing on Cal. wine do you suppose if he had it there I can get a good article here for $1.00 gold per gal if he had it by the Bbl. I think he could put it in bottles that would hold about

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a quart and get from 75 cts to $1.00 per bottle if he likes I will send him some on trial after a while I will try and make arrangements this winter to sell a lot of maple syrup & sugar. Sis both of you write on receipt of this and if you have not send any money please send at once and oblige Rillie and Carlie send love to you all & Carlie wants me to ask Katy if she has got Tripie yet who lives in the house where we lived &.c. Love to all Tell Joel Wilcox that I would like to hear from him tell him to direct to Sacramento Cal.

Your Aff BroE C. Smith

"Tripie" was my little yellow & black dog that I well remember-K.F.N.