Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1874 January 19

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SacramentoJan 19th 1874My Dear Sister

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Your favor was duly received with Craigs and was very glad to hear from you all I can not say that we are well at this time for baby is very sick have almost given up the hope of her recovery our Doctor thinks very doubtfull whether she recovers or not she was taken just a week ago at 3 in the morning in great agony and upon looking her over discovered a small red spot on her thigh as large as a dime but it soon spread all over her limb and now nearly covers her body we called the Dr and he said

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that something had bit her and Eyrysipilus had set in and she has been the greatest you ever saw. and if she has the constitution to wear out the disease she may recover but the chances are greatly against her The Congo' Minister was down to see her last night and he thought she could not possibly recover and so we had baptized we have named her Mattinett combining Matt and Nett Nett is for Henrietta after you and Henrietta Silver Craig have you shiped the sugar if not do so at once and send bill at the same time I wish that I had 25. tons I could make a nice thing off from it Craig when you bill the sugar

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I wish you would make out a statement per item of everything between us that is unsettled and at the same time make an entry of each item both Dr. & Cr. on my Ledger for future reference Get the Dock to say what he will give or take on the Printing Material if you can and let me know I have written him twice but he does not reply not sent the Sentinel Sis I did not ask you to make up a little box of stuff for me because we did not or could not get abundance here but because I wanted to get something from home and you know how that is yourself I will write you again soon as babys sickness turns but in

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the mean time I hope to hear from you Craig you may encourage all you can to put up small cake sugar and send it to me for it will sell at a good profit eaven if you pay 15 cts for it

Please to remember us to all who should ever ask about me especialy to Uncle Devin & your father & mother Fletcher Write soon and oblige

Your Aff BroE.C. Smith

My Little Katy here is a bushel of Kisses for you from Uncle Ed and little Carly how I want to see you