Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1874 August 2

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San JoseAug 2d 1874Dear Sister

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Your favor and Craigs was received a few days since but I have failed to respond for I have been so busy that I found no time How I would liked to have been at home with you but alas how frail our wishes and unrealized our expectations years will doubtless elapse before I again visit the old home and then it will be so changed that it will be but little consolation and then all the aspirations of youth are gone and old age is creeping

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slowly on Frank arrived two weeks ago to day all right she will start dressmaking & [millinery] in a short time it is money making making business here I had another mishap to my crippled hand about three weeks ago I threw the ["Reatta"] onto a wild Mustang to catch it up to halter break and in on the mexican halter he struck at me and I threw up my hand and caught the blow on the ends of my stiff fingers bending them back so that the palm of my hand was litterly torn open to the bone I tell you Sis that hand has been a great set back on me more that $500 damage to say

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nothing of a weak maimed hand Now Craig about the sugar I will say that I think the most danger will be from your place to the depot but if it is decently hard will come all right and as for the small cakes they will sell from 25. to 35. cts depends very much on the quallity at any rate send it all on receipt of this for it will pay you better here than any other market [Even] Bakers sugar is selling here in town in tubs at 25[cts] I will just say in connection with the shipment be shure that the covers are driven firmly down so as to touch the top of the tub in every place and the boxes for the

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cakes must be very strong take to the Depot yourself a bargain as to shipment and get from the Agt a bill of laden and send to me which will show to the Agt here that there has been a specia special contract Sis we are just beginning to can our fruit will send some in a few weeks send the sugar and write often

Love from us all to you all

Your aff BroEd

The following postscript is written within the penciled outline of a child's footprint.

My Dear little Katy this is my-that is Uncle Ed's little girls foot allmost as big as yours I will send you her picture before long