Edward C. Smith to Catherine Smith, 1876 October 29

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San JoseOct 29th 1876My Dear Mother

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Your very Kind letter was received in due time and glad were we to again to learn of your wellfare &.c. Marilla has been very sick but is now geting better her complaint was inflamation of the Kidneys & bladder she had a very severe time aside from this we are all well except Frank and I think it a chance if she lives until Spring going as did her sister Sue with consumption she Keep about the house and takes care of the children but she coughfs fearfully The chldren are tough as bears and how I wish

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you could see them as they are playing around me to night as I sit writing to you and make noise enough to craze a [nation] we are having the most delightfull Fall I ever saw our rain having set in in earnest and the hill sides and valleys are once more clothed in green during the last week wild oats have grown from 2 to 3 inches and this morning I picked in our yard as fine a double rose as you ever saw and there are plenty left for another month this must be quite a contrast with your surroundings for I see by the N.Y. papers that snow has fallen in many places I was glad to hear that Bent had gone to the Centenial and I can but regret that I was

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to wait until the next and then I hope we will be united in that great city the New Jeruselaam with God for our King never more to part we have had very exciting times here during the Presidential canvass and I am glad it is about over but I am fearfull of the result but it will depend very much on the way New York goes I was in hopes to have paid you a visit another year but yet I cant tell for it is a great undertaking and the cost is enormous when a fellow has to work by the month for his bread and close how I wish I had rich relations that wanted to see me bad enough to pay freight on me

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one way I think I would try and get shiped I am still in the store working hard as ever but while I have more work than I want there are plenty that can find none but this is the case the world over I hope to hear from Bent before he returns but if not before soon after and all the particulars in to the big show we all join in sending love to you all and I hope to hear from you oftener than we have Give my best love to grandma and tell the good old Love that I think of her daily and how glad I would be to see her and hope to some time

God bless you all is the prayer of your Aff sonE.C. Smith