Edward C. Smith to Katherine Fletcher, 1883 December 30

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San JoseDec 30th 1883My Dear little Katy

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Your kind letter was received a long time ago and you will pardon your old uncle Ed. for not answering before but the facts are it is the hardest work I do to write a letter of friendship for I have so many business letters that I cant hardly switch off Now Katy this is the last sunday in the year and it is warm as a may day with the grass green and occasionaly a rose in bloom in the yard which will not corrispond hardly with your surroundings in Cambridge for I can imagine just how old Mansfield looks with his nose frozen and his chin covered with snow and the hill sides covered with their white mantle but yet I would enjoy

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a change from this perpetual summer and spring to something more frigid Now little sweetness it is too late to wish you a merry christmas but Just in time to wish you a happy new Year and how Uncle Ed would like to be there and help to make those little hearts glad and happy Now Kit I want you to tell what each one of got for presents it will be useless for me to try and tell you what all of us received for there are so many I am affraid I would not remember one half but I will tell you of a few Mattie had a fine Cloak hat Christmas Cards toys without number and Carl got silk handkerchiefs neck ties & collars a fine book from one of his schoolmates entitled "Roy Trapper" scarf pin &c &c and Auntie got a pair of gold bracelets a fine gold watch chain the guard set with perls a fine Cloak cost 30, Dolls a new hat and lots

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of little trash Uncle Ed got a pair of slippers an Opera glass and a box of imported Cigars the baby got left I wish you could see her Mattie thinks every thing of her and takes a great deal of care of her Auntie went down to the city with me last friday and left baby with Mattie and the girl and we all had a good time I expect I will travel next year for the same two houses I have been with but I will have my salary raised to 300. Dolls per month and all expenses paid but I will have to work pretty hard to fill the bill dont you think it quite an honor for Uncle Ed to work for two the largest and best houses of their class on this coast Tell Ma-Ma I have not heard from her in so long I have forgotten whether she can write or not tell her to sit right and write me a good long letter and as for yourself write often for I am allways

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glad to hear from you and will try and answer more promptly in future Carl & Mattie go to school and are doing very well George attends the Kindergarten Has Carrie forgoten me dont let her for if she lives long enough she may see me again we all join in sending love to you all

Your Aff UncleEd