George B. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, no year March 8

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Burke NYMch 8thDear Sister

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Your letter written some time ago yet remains unanswered for the reason that I have for two or three weeks had a great deal to do and no time to write. The account you say that you have found I know nothing of whatever and did I owe mother or anyone else it would not be necessary to leave it to the decision of disinterested persons, I should pay it without this trouble and I think that you have been well provided for and you had better be contented by adding to that already received through your

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united efforts__You are entirely wrong when you undertake, to amuse yourself with the idea that mother performed work or labor sufficient to pay her way since we were marraid She certainly did not and futhermore we did not expect or require her to perform any service whatever more than what she would do for her own amusement or personal convenience and even this was entirely optional with herself

We regret very much that you should write to Edward or any of the other friends that we did not give our Mother each and every care in her last sickness; You know that this is false and should have never forth from either your lip or pen It was unkind, it was unbecoming

Yours TrulyGeo. B. Smith