Edward C. Smith to [Henrietta Fletcher], undated

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Morris house,Santa Barbara, Cal.

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one hundred & fifty Dolls per month and all expenses and then aside from this I do a little outside business which brings me in another fifty making a fair sallary altho I am not yet satisfied and hope to do better another year even this to you Eastern folks would seem like a big thing but we think it is just about enough to live on, It is rather unpleasant to be a way from home so much but it agrees with me the best of any thing I have ever struck I dont think I have been so fleshy for years as I am now I turn the scale at 185, lbs and still [     ] up How is Craig geting along tell me just what he has raised on the ranch this season &c for all this will interrest me Katie & Jessie you little sweet darlings do you remember uncle Ed. I wonder if I will ever see you again I hope so how sad that we should be separated by such a great distance Now Sis just as soon as you receive this sit and write me a long letter and tell me all about every body I ever Knew give my love to Marrion & Henry Dr & wife Horace & Hellen [Annie] Norris & Hack

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Levy & Jared Fred Carpenter uncle [Lige] and every body that ever sees fit to inquire after me Especially remember me to Chancey Warner oh how I would like to visit you again but the Lord only knows when it will be Kiss the dear children for me and believe me my dear sister

Your & Aff BroE.C. Smith