Lucy L[eland?] to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 July 8

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JohnsonJuly 8, 1885My Dear Kate:-

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I received your letter last Monday & of course was very glad to hear from you. you neednt make any excuses about your writing [   ] your composing your letters are just splendid. I am no writer & it is very hard work for me to write letters. I suppose you & Carrie had a splendid time & thought of you. You asked me if I had

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played croquet I havent played since you went away I should think Lewis would miss your sweet face. Walter dont have anything to call him to the station now he is flirting around with [Sady] what do you suppose I care it wont last long I have seen him flirt around with the girls a lot. Ned has got back he came Monday so I dont have to work in the office as much as I used to. We have got company now & have had ever since you went away there is no end to company. I have been over street today went in to see

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Carrie but she wasnt at home she is going to Calais tomorrow to stay a week or two. (Mr Doane Esq) is well as usual I guess, I suppose you are anxious to know how he is getting along, he probably is lonesome without you. I hope you will try & come up before school begins & we will try & go over & see him. I have thought a good many times how you did weep that night you went home. poor little girl. It is most supppe supper time & I have got another letter to scratch off before the train

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comes. I didnt do much of anything to celebrate the 4th Your Friday night boy & some others got up on the hill above the depot & made a big noise. I shall expect a good long letter from you. Please e these cat tracks from you friend I wish


P.S. I wish you the same
Pleasant dreams, sweet repose
I most always have half the clothes
when I sleep with anyone.