Unidentified to Katherine Fletcher, [circa 1885] April 29

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Morrisville Vt.WednesdayDear Kate:-

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I have been on the lookout for Wednesday so I should not forget to write you this promised letter. I am in school now and I expect every moment Wilson will say something about writing notes in school.

I had a letter from Matt yesterday saying that she would be up here to-day and I got a letter to-day saying that she went out to split kindling and wood and cut her foot and she

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cant get her shoe on. I sent my report card down to Father to be signed and she sent it up to me to day. Imagine my surprise at finding a certificate in the same letter My average is 74 3/5. Probably if I had any idea of teaching I could not get an average of 2. Have you heard any thing about yours yet? I presume you will hear this week.

John & I had a fine time Monday morning I guess I spoke to him about two or three times

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I can not go to lodge to night for I have got to stay at home and work on that old lyceum paper. Nell Eaton can not take it with me so Eunice [Jannison] is going to have it with me.

I did not get to school Monday fore [noon] at all. The trestle above Cady's Falls is broken all in pieces and we waited an hour or rather two and one half and then we started up her & got here about noon and I did not go near school till after noon I asked Wilson to excuse me and

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he said.. "Of course." I expected a scolding but he did not say much, only he said he should not give Waterman and I a pass to go home on the same train.

I am having a fine time this week. I have to study lots though but I don't care. I cannot write very much more at present for I have got to do some horrid examples in [Medial Properties] after school.

I made out to get my examples done and right. I am trying to rack my brains for something to write for that paper.

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I expect to get a letter from you to-morrow. I think I shall go home Saturday noon.

I will close now for I am in a hurry to get this to the office. May Jamison is going to carry this for me

Yours truly