Katherine Fletcher to Henrietta Fletcher, 1886 January 7

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Johnson, V.t.In school Thurs. morningJan. 7, 1886Dear Mamma:-

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Mrs. Story has just called our English class and has now had part of us recite and read but there are three or four mummies that she can't get part of the work through and while she is talking to them I have got back onto this back seat and am going to write to you if she

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will keep her eyes off me.

Now don't be frightened if I tell you I have got a cold in good earnest, have not hardly spoken loud for two or three days, but my cough is better so I guess I will be all right. Have not been to bed a night this week until about 11.30 oclock, and then could not sleep until morning, I know if I could come back next term I never could

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stand it to take five studies another time I asked Mrs. Story last night after supper if there was any doubt whatever about my passing in English, and she said she had made out my marking was high and that I had passed. this is all I know about.

I asked Bruce about Geography and she was just hatefull enough not to tell me, I told

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Mrs. Story and she said that Bruce was obliged to tell her scholars, and I am agoing to ask her again this noon. I dread Geography more than anything else. We have to take the same examination before the Board that the graduating class do, as we finish it this term.

If I do not come back next term Waity Goodsell is agoing to room with Bertie.

I went to Perkins

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entertainment Wed. night and I think it was just splendid,

I told Mrs. Story I could not come back next term and she said that if one looked back over the Normal Register for the last four years they would see the ones that came here and then stoped it had taken them one extra term nine times out of ten, and I dont suppose I

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shall ever have any desire to come again, to there.

When I come home I am going to go to school there & take Physiology, History, and Civil government or just those studies I shall have to pass in, to get a certificate.

I will send you the programme for the last of school,

And as I have no more time will close, and hope you will send me a letter before

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long, and perhaps some money for Mrs. Tracy. I shall be oweing her when school closes $14.75

Sat.- noon.

I was just looking over my papers and I came across this letter which I had partly written will now try and finish it. My cold is no better, am so hoarse to day that I can't speak loud. My cold has come on just right for examinations. We were examined in writting, also Book-keeping yesterday. The examina-

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in Algebra commenced yesterday and do not close until Thurs. As I have said above in regard to asking Bruce about geography, I asked her & could not get any thing to satisfy me,- yes or no.- out of her. I will send you a card when we have our reports I think, for I had rather let you know that way than to face you all & say I had failed. If I do fail I do not come back again.

I have got lots to tell you but not the time to write it. I wish you would come up to the graduating exercises or [B's] exhibition.