Lucy L[eland?] to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 March 11

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JohnsonMarch 11, '86Dear Friend Kate.

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I received your very welcome letter last week and of course was very glad to hear from one of my old friends and glad to hear that you were coming back to school next term I was afraid that you were not coming back any more. I dont know just who are all C's. I guess most of them that were in the D. class last term

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I know that I am not I like Algebra quite well we have got to division "Miss Bruce" has so much fault to find with everything that there is'nt much fun in it we have quite a large D. class we have lots of fun in club I have been President for the last three weeks I didnt like that at all I guess you would have laughed at me sitting up there in the chair by the "side of Foster" his face was so red you could have struck a match on it I presume I blushed a little. Mr Holmes looks very sad

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what do you suppose makes him? there was a reception at Mr Campbells last Friday evening It was the first one that I ever went to we had a very good time. I dont have to go over to school afternoon's only twicehree times in the week so I can get my lessons in the afternoon it makes it nice because my eyes have been bothering me ever since school began. I just read over your letter you asked if Carrie F. was at school she came and went the first three week and then stopped I guess she

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got discouraged. Mr Campbell went up and talked with her so she has come back I can imagine you teaching school wouldn't I have some fun if I could come and visit your school? I have not got very well acquainted with Miss Griswold so dont know what to think of her, she is funny I think she takes geometry, English, and Drawing I shall hope to see you at [Miss Livermores] lecture but not any young man that is against my rules for what would "David" say there is a band concert week from Friday night I dont know whether I shall go or not. We had very sad news

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the other day that Grandpa Leland was [  ] dead I think you remember him he was here last summer it was very sudden to us I guess I have written enough "trash" I dont believe you can read it I cant hardly

Your old "chum"Lucy.