Lucy L[eland?] to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 April 2

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JohnsonApril 2 1886Dear Friend Kate

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I hope you will excuse pencil but it is more convenient just now I received very welcome letter Wednesday and of course was very glad to hear from you. I am so glad that it is Friday night I dont know what to do with myself hardly. I am in

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the office waiting for mail train which is three hours late I dont think my letter can go tonight but I can write it just the same because I have time Mrs Livermore's lecture is a week from tonight I dont care much for going I dont like her very well I didnt last winter but perhaps I didnt pay attention I guess I was doing something else. I told you before when I wrote that I liked Algebra I do like some parts of it but I dont like Simple Equations I dont

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understand them at all but am in hopes to I like Geometry very much this term. school is going to keep week from tomorrow It will seem strange to go to school Saturday. I dont think of any more news to write this time and I guess I have written enough trash for this time I shall expect a letter from you this next week "I dont think you are a very good hand to answer letters" over

An old chumLucy
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the water has been very high and your William C. Doane was frightened most to death he thought he was going to float off.