George B. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1886 May 17

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Burke N.Y.May 17th 86Dear Sister

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I wrote you some time ago about the offer I had for renting the old house. I sent the letter with one to another person and as I have thus far failed to receive a response from either I conclude they were not deposited in the P.O. About the last of Apr a man by the name of Walton came to me and wanted to rent the house and I told him that you wanted $1.50 pr mo with two rod garden this he would not give and I said to him that I presumed you would rent the house without garden for one Doll pr mo- and I wrote you the offer at the time & wanted to know

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if this would be acceptable to you and your answer I have not as yet recieved. As the man was obliged to moove from the place where then living and was willing to pay you a dollar a month for the time that he occupied the house - I said he might moove into the house and I would write you & see if this was satisfactory. if not he would moove at any time. I will see that you have the rental at the expiration of 6 mos and also that the fences are kept in repair and that no cattle are allowed upon the premices

Yours trulyG.B. Smith


Mrs A.C. FletcherJeffersonvilleLamoille Co-Vermont