Katherine Fletcher to Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1886 September 27

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Johnson, Vermont.Sept. 27, 1886Dear Papa:-

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Has I to furnish all there is to be burned in my stove, either wood, or coal? I supposed we were to furnish only half: but to day, talking with Mrs. Hayford about it she say's I am to furnish it all, as she made no bargain to furnish any. I have got a cold and sore-throat and

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if I had a fire once in a while in my room it would be far more comfortable, these cold days. As the stove is a coal stove and it will not cost much more I would rather burn coal for then my room would always be warm. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I thought you said we were to furnish just half and no more. I am getting along as well as may be expected and when I cannot stay away any longer I am coming home, but do not think I shall be home this week

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any-way. It is now about time this was in the office so will close, hopeing to hear from you soon,