Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1886 November 12

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San Jose CalNov 12th 1886My dear Sister

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Yours of Oct 31st came to hand duly and I hasten to reply I regret much to hear of Your illness and trust it will be of short duration my princeple object of writing you at this time is a matter of business for my Grocery house in San Francisco I suggested to them a few days ago the idea of their importing their own Maple Syrup direct from the Orchard so we can be [        ] of geting it pure and choice Now what I want of you or Craig is to let me know at once, whether any of your sugar makers make a specialty of making syrup and what it can be furnished at by the Gal put up in Bbls.

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we can use several thousand gallons providing it can be obtained cheap enough. If you can furnish me a favorable report on the above I may visit you in Jan. or Feb to make the contracts so if you want to see me look the matter up for I would like well to make a trip east at the expense of the firm _ We are all well and my business is good last month I cleared just 325. Dolls which to the average Vermonter would seem like a good months wages. My ranch business is not a success and am closing it out I sold 55 head of yearlings to day at 15 Dolls each. We all join in sending sending our best regards to you all

Your Aff BroEd.