Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 December 3 and Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher

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Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 December 3 Friday AfternoonDec 3, 1886My dear child

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I was sorry that you had such a time getting back but I hope you are all well are you hoarse any do be carefull about taking cold my foot is about the same as when you went away the thrashers were here untill after dinner tuesday Cleveland is sick has not been up here since Wednesday but I must tell you the glorious news before proceeding farther "papa has gained his suit with Mackie

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so you can judge we all feel quite happy it now stands right where it did when it first went into Co court and I dont believe Mackie can do any more I have finished Carries dress and sewed the seams on your waist It is awfull cold so I den up by the sitting room stove but I have written all I can think of so I will close hopeing to hear from soon

I remain Your AffMamma

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Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher Dear Katie-.

As I promised you I would write I will. We recieved your two letters this week. and I am glad your cold is better Mamma's foot is so she help's me a little I have stayed out one day that is all we are going to try to wash a little to morrow I got by that [stove] on the [road] all right with Frank the threshers went away Tuesday noon so I did not have so many dishes as I did the day befor Mr Cleveland is sick I study all the sutdies that I did last term Winnie and Hattie study History of

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United States quack in box's history I dont believe that is spell right Winnie has seven studyies when you come home bring me home some paper and a Note Book for Spelling if you please I must close

Good byeCarrie

PS No doubt the News will make you feel better