Katherine Fletcher to Carrie Fletcher, 1887 February 19 and Katherine Fletcher to Henrietta Fletcher

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Katherine Fletcher to Carrie Fletcher, 1887 February 19 Johnson, Vt.Feb. 19, 1887Dear Carrie:-

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Your letter written some ago, has not as yet been answered, for I expected to hear from home again soon, and for that reason I waited.

Your letter was nice, I like to get such ones; only you must be a little more careful about spelling and punctuation, that is the most trouble I have about them, their not being punctuated at all, it is hard separating it off into sentences.

Am sorry to learn you have been sick. It seems your times of being sick come when you would like to go out. It was too bad you could not go to school, it being the last day. As for the musical entertainment, am glad you have no part in it. It has not a very elevating programme at any rate

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the characters at least, which are represented. Have not been out but a very little since I came back. I attended a reception at Mr. Campbell's Fri. evening of last week, and also a lecture at Normal Hall the following Sat evening,

The lecture was splendid. It was given by Major Deane upon the Naval-battles of the Rebellion.

School goes nicely. There are 18 young ladies and 2 gentlemen that have entered the D. Class this term. Mr. Campbell has opened a Preparatory School, of which the members of the A Class have charge, also Mrs. Story. The school is held in the room down stairs. They do not meet with us at all but have their exercises by themselves. There is about 24 of them. There is about twelve in the model-room. Mrs. Story meets our class 1 hr. each day now, to prepare us for going up there. I shall

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teach there about four weeks I think. I hope you can attend Miss Carroll's school, for I know it would be a fine chance for you, if you improved the opportunity. Well, Carrie I have written you quite a letter, and as I want to write to mamma to-night, will close, Let me have a good long letter from you soon. I appreciate receiving letters prehaps better than writing them. "Good-bye, till I see you."

Lovingly yours,Kate.

Katherine Fletcher to Henrietta Fletcher My Dear Mamma:-

Yours received this noon, was glad to hear from you for I had come to the conclusion that probably you had written to me and my letter was mis carried. I told Holmes I would pay him in a few days, but guess it will be no matter. I have washed twice this term. This morning I had my

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washing all out before breakfast. You probably are surprised; but both mornings I got up before any one in the house & kindled a fire in the kitchen to heat my water for washing. Shall not bring my clotes home any this term, do not think. Am I not improving? Mama, I have not spoken to anyone but Mr. Campbell about my getting money, someway I can't get courage, but I did go down there one night to speak with him and he said if nothing prevented he would raise for me $50. in December but he could not spare any more than that, or could not get it until that time. I think about this all the time, and dont you suppose I could get $50. more in June of Mr. Melendys (Please do not have this mentioned to any one.) There is no use in its being known. I have not spoken of this to Mrs. Tracy, for do not know

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what to say, as to how we intend to pay her. If you or papa can get it of some one for me do it. My having $50. of Prof. he would be only to willing to get me a situation after I get out of school.

The beauty of this is, I went down there and simply told it to him in "elegant" language and asked him of whom he thought I would be able to get it. He then made the offer himself. There may something now turn up. but if you see Mr. M. ask him for me and let me hear from you that I may know what to say to Mrs. Tracy about it.

In a hurry.

Love to allK.

you did not say anything about Rhett.