Mamie Flagg to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 September [26]

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Bakersfield, Vt.Sep. '87.My dear Katie:-

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I rec'd your very welcome letter a few days ago and will try and ans. it now. if you will excuse me for writing with a pencil.

I was ashamed of myself when I got your letter, You are so much better than I. We girls were having a high time and I am afraid we were just a little wicked but you know I always was & I dont think I can ever be so good as you

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People talk as though that by my joining the church I must be a very religious being but I dont feel any different than I did before and I know I am no better. Have you taken the Communion since you went to Johnson. I took it out to Enosburgh when I went home with my chum (Winnie Wright.)

I went home last Friday night and came back Sat. night. I should have stayed over Sunday but I wanted to be here to a sociable Sat. night & to a lecture Sun. night. I had a splendid time to the sociable & also enjoy-

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ed the lecture. The lecture was about India & about the Hindoos. It is very nice to remember in connection with our Gen. History.

I went to prayer meeting that night to my peril for a certain few that had beaus went & the night was so rainy that Mr. Parlin said "Here after no student will be permitted to go to Thursday evening prayer meeting without asking permission." All we can do is to go to the Y.P.S.C.I. and we dont have half long enough walk home but mind you we improve it.

I am, as I forgot to state before, writing in school & Mr. P- has a class out

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here reciting. I suppose he thinks I am doing work in my Physics I am so busy & I have my book open and keep referring to it.

Nellie dont seem to go with any of the girls & I dont care whether she knows any one or not because she is so listless she dont try to.

You ought to write her a sermon I think it would do her good.

When are you going home? I could keep you laughing half the night, I know.

I am just home from Y.P.S.C.I. prayer meeting. I did not take any part only to sing. I dont know why but some way I felt as though I should sink if I tried to stand up. Have you had rec'd the rest of your photos yet. When you do I hope I shall get one.

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I dont know but I shall have to get some taken. I had quite a time over a photograph the other night. I will tell you about it later. Now do ans. this soon if you love me Your true lover. Fred.