Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 December 18

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JeffersonvilleDec 18.87My dear child

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I've tried to get papa to write you to night but cant get him; so I will; he will try and go over the Lake before long; perhaps the last of this week.

Mrs Jones sent me a postal saying your dress was finished and that we could have it when ever we wanted. They are going to have a Christmas tree here Saturday eve, we shant do much

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but of course shall have to get the children something. Do you remember the Simmons girl that worked at Byron's a year ago this summer, she and two brothers came from England. her remains were brought here last night from Montreal Hospital and burried here to day; the services being held at Mr Bellowes the Griswolds have had $1200 each fall to them, from the brother west who shot himself. Lou is going to buy the Johnney Lang farm, I have been thinking I would go down and see Henry & M_ about getting the money for you

I called on Aunt Mary and Mrs Wetherbee yesterday afternoon, and in the evening on Mrs Smith; and Mrs Varrum. the latter called here Wednesday; I intended to have had the [unite] society here tuesday

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night, but they have decided to put it off on account of its being Christmas week.

I will get your dress as soon as convenient, but I want papa to get him a suit before he goes away for he needs them. (You keep your letters safe dont you) "the snow is deep" good night

Your loving MamaH.L. Fletcher