Katherine Fletcher to Henrietta Fletcher, 1887 December 31

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Johnson, Vt.Dec. 31, 1887.Dear Mamma.-

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I send this and want you to sign it, and return it, if possible Mon. noon. I shall give $25. of it to Mr. Andrews, and shall need the rest for my pictures. I hope papa will know by this next week where the rest is coming from. I shall need some more for spending money. A pair of shoes, any way.

Bessie is quite sick. She has terrible head aches, and O so nervous. It makes it hard for me. for I'm about run out. But you need n't worry any; I'm all right, only tired I am, any way, till a little of this excitement is over and I have time to cool down a bit. I'll be good when examinations are over. O mama! you dont know. We have a lot of company here and have had for a long time, and I'll be glad when they are gone for good, for everything is noisy and in a stir.

I have my delivery now and have

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commenced learning it.

I hate it. but Prof. wanted me to take it, and to please him I did so. Prof. liked it very much and I live in hopes others will.

Mable Gay and I have been raising the very dickens all the afternoon & to-night, I'm tired, just to pay for it. Tom has been here and so we set out to have what fun we could. Just to plague Bess a little. I feel awfully when I think of it, only three weeks from to-day and these jolly times are gone forever. If only I'm able to keep up spirits graduation day I'll be a happy bird. And I do hope I shant disgrace my self. yesterday was a blue day to our class. We had a review in English which was tough. I kept pretty cool for me though. What would you say mama, if you knew I hadn't gone out without Brandy in my pocket for the last two weeks? Don't let papa or the children get hold of this mama,

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For I don't think it would bear repeating. I don't write you near the things I would mamma if I knew no one but you would get hold of the stuff I write.

For I have known of so many things being told of, I have tried to be more cautious.

Send my dress Mama as soon as may be, for I'm so anxious to see it.

Kindly remember me to Miss. Hazen.

Love to all, I'll soon be with you.Katie

Burn this mama.

I don't think its [harm] Carrie, if she dont see it all. I know how she always feels about such things.