Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 January 2

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JeffersonvilleJan 2, 1888My darling child

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I presume you thought strange [ ] that I did not return this to day; but as it was such a bad night Sat and Carrie is so miserable I did not think best for her to go to the office so did not get it till this noon We all (that are at home) have been having colds.

Katie I am very sorry you allow your nerves to get the better of you, dont do it, for you cannot do as well as you would to keep calm, show the people and schollars that you posess a little self control I do not like this note being written on demand for he can demand

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it at any time, next week if he saw fit and I shall not be able to meet it this spring Perhaps you had better have him write another giving you time, a year or perhaps untill fall you no need to let him know I've syned it untill you have mentioned it to him

With loveMamma