Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 January 8

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JeffersonvilleJan 8, 1888Dear Katie

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Papa and Rhett arrived home last Wednesday night; he had no luck in selling the hay, could not get offered over $7 per ton; so he left it for George to peddle out. Bent is in California writes to Lucy to sell or rent the farm as he never shall come back Carrie and Rhett stayed with Bessie last night and papa and I went down to the Boro after your dress; it is very handsome and papa will bring it up to you before

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many days; and when he comes he will see about you board bill so you need not worry about this; the children and I went to church this morning, papa staying with baby, this is the first of my attending. To night they have all gone out to ride Miss Hazen and Thorp are spending the Sabbath with relatives over to the valley (Mr Dickenson people) They will attend the graduating exercises and B ex__

Why did you not write last night. papa went down to the office after we came from the Boro for a letter but did not get one."reason I presume you did not write__

I've been thinking it would be a good idea to write to Elsie Raymore and have her use her influence

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to get that school for you as she is not going to teach next summer, she gets $150 board and washing for thirty weeks

I bought baby a hood last night

Carrie says she wants you to write her

With much loveMama