Katherine Fletcher to Henrietta Fletcher, [1888 January]

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Dear Mama-

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It is late. Just one word. If possible come up Thursday. Leave baby with someone, do. I could not enjoy my self one bit if you brought her, or you either. Maria is going to Exercises. Sick at Oaks & there is no one you could leave her with here. Mrs. Burnham can keep her I should think. Have Carrie come up Wed Give one of these to Mamie & tell her in the name of friendship if there is any, to come up when Carrie does, one to Ethel. Mama, I was most crazy last night. It looked dark, but to-day It is a little brighter. I may not pass but come just the same

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Telegram just came that Gov. Ormbee is to be here Wed. Will present us our diplomas (if we have them.) I sent Mr. & Mrs. G. a letter tonight. Hope they will come up. I have some other programs give these to whom you want to.

What about my shoes? Let me here from you [tomorrow.]