Joe [s.n.] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 March 7

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JohnsonMar 7th 1888Dear Katie

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I was very much pleased to hear from you but sorry you took cold going home but Just such things happen to the best of people. I have a felon on my finger have not been to work for a whole week and honestly if I had dared to Kate I certainly would of been down to see you not that I would of been afraid of you but you know Fred might of objected

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Town Meeting here yesterday had dinner & supper at the Babtist vestry The Deacon & his fam were there instead of seven the A's are going to give a grand reception this week friday now I wish you were here I bet I would march with you once in spite of Nell. By the way how is that good looking sister of yours & all the rest of the girls down there. I do not think we did any thing out of the way to cause the boys to talk only to have a good time But people will talk

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you know so we might as well have a good time as not I have not heard that Mrs A ever Said any thing about any of you if she did not fancy you I used to think you the best one of the lot I do not think they have as good times there now as they did then. please excuse pencle as ink is not handy with my lame hand I certainly must draw to a close and hopeing to hear from you soon I remain

Your ever true friendJoe
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Do not think I find any fault with your long letters I enjoy them wonderfully