Joe [s.n.] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 March 25

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Johnson VtMarch 25-1888Dear Katie

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As I could not come down to day thought I would do the next best & write to you the roads are so bad it is liable to break a horses limbs I would of done as you proposed & gone down on the train but Mr Buck was gone & I could not leave but if it will be all right I will come down next Saturday night if the sleighing is [poor] this is one lovely

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day & I should a great deal rather be there talking with you then writing but never mind it will keep & do be just as good next sunday. Just think of it I have not seen Nell since a week ago to day & had a falling out two weeks ago to day she has been out of sorts with me ever since the night of the lodge keep mum about this may tell you more next sunday you said you kept my letters under lock & key my you yours are still safer for they are in the fire I have seen the Deacons

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girl they seem well & enjoying themselfs

It is church time & I must certainly draw to a close for it would never do to stay away from church.

This is from one that often thinks of thee


One Sweet kiss[the shape of an oval]kiss if you will alow it