Edward C. Smith to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 March 26

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San Jose, Cal.,March 26th 1888M Dear Kit

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Your very welcome letter together with the photo came duly to hand and I should have answered long ago but I did not know what to write for we have under advisement a trip East and if we go will be better for us to talk over the matters you suggest than to answer you in writing I am trying to shape my business so that we can leave about the first of May but it is like moving a mountain to bring such an event about the greatest dificulty being to find some one to leave with the children for we cant take them with us we have a good old maid who has promised to come and if she does that may settle the matter. but in case we do not come then I will reply directly to your letter. Uncle Bent came here in Dec. and remained until the latter part of Jan. he did not seem to be

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altogether suited with this section of the country for some reason and came to the conclusion that Burke was preferable and to this I did not demur, nor urge him to remain. Calif. is good enough for me and here I want to live and die We are all in the enjoyment of good health and prosperity Carl is devoted to his school and bids fair to make a great schollar he is well advanced for one of his age and will soon enter upon his regular collegiate course and hopes to get through by the time he is 21. Now I would like to be with you at the present time and get some maple sugar I would willingly exchange green fields and flowers and warm balmy days for a little new sugar on snow Fruit trees are in full bloom and the fields are covered with grass and grain a foot high new potatoes green peas & c are in the market Please give our best regards to all the folks hoping ere long to see you all is my greatest desire believe me ever

You Aff UncleEd


that is, if you can speak [or a] word for me to Papa & mama, that your coming here will prove the means of my going to [Cal]sooner or later