Lucy [s.n.] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 April 24

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Apr. 24 1888At HomeDearest Kate

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I don't know when this letter will reach you but your people probably will forward it to you. Why have you flown to Malone so suddenly and are you going to spend the summer there. I was perfectly surprised when I found you were going away.

Cora [Dagette] sits here by me studying I have grown lazy and have stopped my

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Latin to help Mama this spring. If I don't go away to school this fall I shall go away to teach.

Things go on about as usual lately and I do ditto. Last Fri night the B class gave their reception. It was very good. Tom Guild was up and is very sweet to Bertha now. He and Bess will hardly look at each other. It seems so strange Stevens and Achsa are quite thick too. Carl is waiting on a Miss Be[    ], a D. This little chick dutifully runs with her sister Cora.

I expect that we will get into our church again

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a week from Sunday.

Prof. leaves tomorrow morning for a weeks stay in New York City. What a hard working man he is! His mother has been sick with pneumonia but is better now.

Johnson people are usually well. now and [       ] for rain which I think will be here soon by the sound of the wind.

I was down at Burlington week before last and had a lovely time. My brother is engaged to a young lady there and I visited in her family. Was there from Sat. to Wed. then my brother

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and Rebekah returned home with for a two days stay I think I will have a perfectly lovely sister.

What fun we did have in Jeffersonville. I wish we could go again. I often think of my [skirt] and [Gennie] bustle and of the way [Genie] raised Cain all that night. When Percy came home that day she found her mother worse and she hasn't been as well since

I've written the most stupid letter that could be imagined, but please forgive me because another matter weighs heavily on my mind.

With loveLucy