Gene [s.n.] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 June 4

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Johnson, Vt.June 4th, 88Dear Kate:-

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I am ashamed to answer your kind letter it has been so long since I have received it but I am going to.

I hear from you occasionly through the paper that far famed paper of ours the "News & Citizen". Learned by it that you had been ill, are you real well again?

Are you at home this summer or are you teaching? Do you know Kate, I do not believe I can ever

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teach school in the world; it looks like an utter un impossibility to me.

I have heard that a number of your class are teaching this summer, hope they will all be successful.

I have been up to Lucy's to night, she is going to New York tomorrow to spend a week, you know her brother, Charlie is there, they also have other friends.

Wont it be just delightful for her? And would'nt we like to go too?

Do you ever hear from Bert [Burnan]? You know David is resideing near her in Fairfax, do you suppose they ever meet?

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Decoration day I rode through your village or at least drove down and turned in front of your house did you see me?

I thought of you and wanted to stop but could not.

I heard that you had a drama there that evening; did you take part in it?

The G.7s. at No. Hyde Park gave a drama last Saturday eve and some went up from here, if you remember it rained terribly in the night and I rather guess they had a lovely? time coming home.

Pardon me Kate, I never thought till I had written the above that other people

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might write you all about it.

The Deacon's family are about as usual, having a good time generally. Also their next door neighbors- F. & J. seem happy.

My dear, only three weeks more of school, and I do hope I shall graduate, but you know that "doubtful things are very uncertain."

Now I guess you will want to throw this trash into the fire but you answer me soon and next time I will answer sooner and better.