Joe [s.n.] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 June 15

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Johnson VtJune 15 1888Dear friend Katie

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Pardon & forgive me for not writing before but I was so busy after I wrote my last letter & got yours thought I would not write for a week or so then when I got ready to write I was working in the shop & a board flew back & hit my thumb nerly brecking it & laid me up for some time not wholly from my work but so I could not write & then this time

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of year seems so busy & time pal passes away so quick a week is gone almost before you knmow it not but that I have work enough to do so that I realize a day is long enough but the I mean the spair time passes off so quick you poak about sending my your letters back I have only one or two of them as I have burned them when I received them & then if I had them I would not send them back for I am going down to see you next saturday or sunday if nothing happens to prevent & you are willing to have

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me come I thought one spell I would not write as I L- and Ober had been down there but since you wrote you last have changed my mind well I must close hoping to see & hear from you soon I remain

your friend with a kissJoe