Mary Harvey to Ruth and Andrew Fletcher, 1873 December 23

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Malcom Powesheik Co IowaDecember 23rd 1873Dear Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin,

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yours of Nov 26 is received I was very glad to hear from you you can hardly imagine how glad I should be to have you come to visit me, you could stop on the way and have Uncle Lem come with you, I want to see him very much, have always thought I should go to see him and then go on to Vt. but the time seems as far in the future as it did 5 years ago, we live A short 3 1/2 miles from the Malcom Depot; and the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R.R. no change of from Chicago we could meet you at any time at the Depot

I have been quite busy this fall. come from Kansas in

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October, had been something over a year, Preempted 120 acres of Land for Clark and Lizzie has a Homestead of 160 acres. we think the Land will soon be valuable and it is the prettiest country I ever saw and much better climate than Iowas Clark and I are healthier there than here; Lizzie has married a young man that we have been acquainted with nearly 5 years, has lived with us most of the time we think a great deal of him. I hope you will write to Lizzie she is a little lonesome without me, she was never away from me 3 weeks at one time before she writes every week

how did you find Cousins Ellen & Carlos situated? are they Happy is Cousin Lem A Colton. I wish I could see him, what of Verona is she in Indiana. I suppose Lyman is in Kansas but I do not know his Address

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glad to hear that Aunt Lydia is smart I suppose they live where they did, you did not tell me any thing about Henry or Auretta nor Uncle Daniel, are Mr Coddings still your Neighbors, where is the R. Road that is to go from St Johnsbury to Swanton to go through Waterville that Road will be A fine help to your part of the Country I should think have you much of a Village near the Church, and have you a settled Minister I have heard nothing of Elder Hartsham in A long time; is he living? I want to hear from you often am glad Della will write but it seems so when I think how old she is for I remember her so well as a little Tot it dont seem possible that she is grown, give my best wishes to Aunt Lydia, Craig and Ella; wish they would write to me and also to Lizzie cant you all send

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your Pictures, we have one of Craig but would like to have his: his Wifes and little Girl, together, also Ella & her Husbands, and Aunt Ruth's & Uncle A. Della can send hers alone wont you

from your Afectionate Niece and CousinM F Harvey