Mary Harvey to Ruth and Andrew Fletcher, 1878 November 20

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Grinnell, Iowa Nov. 20th 1878Dear Aunt & Uncle

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I received a letter from you last summer and have, several times commenced to answer, but have failed to finish, I will now make another attempt. I was very glad to receive your letter and to hear that you and your family were, in comfortable health, You can hardly imagine how homesick your letter made me. I certainly should go to see you if I could. How many, many; changes since I was there, I dont suppose it would seem the least like the same place, the changes have come gradually to you so you hardly realize them as I would. how are you all this winter, I suppose it is winter there although it has not been cold enough to feeze here but a few nights this fall, How is Aunt Lydia, and is Uncle Lem still living and

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will you give me his address, I wish he would write to me, where is Lyman. I have a neighbor who saw Henry Willey a few weeks ago, says he is doing well and appears to be a fine young man.

Lizzie was well when I last heard, also her children, her address is Beloit, Mitchell Co Kansas, her husband is County Sherriff, I dont think I wrote you that her husband and Mr Harvey, bought a half section of Land last winter lying between Lizzie's and mine. we intend to sell our place in Malcom as soon the time's get better and go to K.__ to live. I like the climate better there and there are several other inducements, besides being near Lizzie Clark is here in school, is getting along very well and has had for the last year better health than ever before in Iowa, he is always well in Kansas, but has frequent attacks of asthma, while in Iowa. he is 15, is nearly as tall as I am, just about the age that Allie was, how you must miss him and how hard to give him up, but not so hard as to have had him grow

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up to be bad, and we must all go soon I think it is a comfort that some have gone before and are waiting for us

Clark and I went home from here in march and stayed untill September, we intend to stay untill next March with only a vacation of two weeks he studied at home in the summer enough to keep up with his Class I dont know how long we will be in Iowa, but presume another year and I do wish you would come and see me. It seems as though, as you want to visit Uncle Lem if he is still alive, that you might come and see us, it would not be so verry hard a journey, we live only 3 1/2 miles from the Depot and you now have a R.R. so near that the time would be short on the Road, if we all live till next summer wont you come, and make us a long visit Are Aunt Lydia and Uncle Daniel on their place or with Auretta? how is Ella? Craig? and Della? (little Ruth) are you living alone now? is Maria living near you? do you often hear from Carlos and Ellen?

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Business of all kinds is very dull. It seems as though it hardly pays to raise any crops on the farm, it costs all it comes to, but still we must keep trying. we are in hopes things will be more lively another year, I suppose you hardly feel the stagnation, but I see by the papers that the Eastern Citys are realy worse off, than Western

I want you all to get your pictures taken for me will you tell me of Belcher [Carpenters] Family, and does Zephaniah Leach still live in that place: Are Elder and Mrs [Hartshon] living? Do you know any thing of the Dwinnells I by a mere chance saw Mrs Crockers Death in an Eastern paper, but I dont know any thing of the Coburn family. Field Harvey that lives near Mr Spragues has a son in Iowa. Field has had to give up his farm, cause mortgage, and ineficiency one of Charle's sons is in Kansas with Lizzie so is one of Elijah's sons,

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Thank you for the long letter you wrote me and do write again soon. Give my love to all my friends. I wish Della would write to me often she must not think that I dont want to hear from her, because I wanted you to write, I think she might come and see me. excuse if you can this rambling letter and beleive as ever,

yours affectionately.M. F. Harvey.

I have written to Henry & hope he will come to spend Christmas with us M.


Mr Andrew FletcherBelvidereLamoille Co VermontGrinnellIOA.Nov 21