Cyrus Cornelius Pratt to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1880 April 12

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Burlington Insurance Co.Atlantic Iowa April 12th 1880Dear Uncle & Aunt

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Your letter to me through the [         ] of Sister Mary reached me a few days since.--I was greatly rejoiced to get a letter from my dear Auntie. this being the first from her in over [20] years.--I am greatly pleased at the kind expressions therein contained. and fully receprocate them.-Mary & I have been planning for a year to come East this year.--but I fear I cannot come. My duties are simply enormous our Co is rapidly extending its in all directions and I am needed so badly that I fear Mary will have to go alone- In 1877 the income of our Co was about $28,000, in 1878 I went south and the income fell off to $23,000, in 1879. I was again at my post and the nett income was a trifle over $61,000,. This year I am establishing 400 new Agencies and the business for Jan. Feb & Mar was over $20,000, each month. I travel almost day & night and still cannot keep up with the

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work.-- There is also another reason why I cannot well leave this season. Mrs P__ is not in condition to travel and I would not like to come without her.-- We have a nice little Boy. (named Clark) 19 months old and Mrs P__ thinks of presenting me with another one this year.----My not coming must not hinder Mary from coming. She must go & see you & I will come next year if I live.-- When I come I want to have time to spend three or four weeks and visit all the [points] & see all the relatives remaining. & I must catch some Brook Trout.-- I expect it will be a sad visit in some respects. so many have gone and everything greatly changed. I often wonder if my Father & Mothers grave is entirely neglected like Grandfather Colton's was when I last saw it. I feel that I can never be satisfied until I see for myself.---- I live in Iowa City. Iowa.--P.O. Box 682.- where you will please address me. Please accept my kindest regards for your health & happiness.-Give my Love to the Children (my Cousins) & to Aunt Lydia & her Husband. and believe me Very Truly

your Affectionate NephewC.C. Pratt

P.S. Could you ship me say 25 or 50 lbs of that nice maple sugar. I will gladly pay the highest market price.--