Letter to Samuel P. Crafts, February 2, 1820

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Washington Feb 2d 1820Dear Samuel,

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I have received your letter of the 18th of January and am thankful for the information it contains, that the family were all well, and as you expressed some anxiety respecting my health, and particularly about that troublesome on my hands; I have the satisfaction to inform you that my hands have got nearly well and for two or three weeks have given me but very little trouble; and my health is otherwise pretty good. I feel the want for - the weather has been extremely unfavorable for walking - and indeed every way unpleasant - Since the 30th of December the ground has been covered with snow, except the roads which have become bare, and are either very muddy, or very rough - and for the most part has been windy and very cold - I should like well to learn what kind of a winter you have in Vermont, I expect, by what we have here, that you have a severe winter. Give me some account in your next.

You expressed a wish to be informed of the bounds and extent of the proposed state of Missouri. I do not recollect that there is any correct map of that part of Louisiana in Craftsbury. I have therefore sketched a map of Missouri, and the adjacent country from [Millishes] map, which is considered the most correct of any map published - The proposed state of Missouri, is contemplated to

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be bounded agreeably to the black pencil line, on both side of the Missouri river, as you may see by the plan. But it is yet uncertain whether the boundaries may not be altered. I have also laid down the state of Illinois, with small parts of , Kentucky & Tennessee - that you may see the relative situation of the proposed state. The question of excluding slavery from Missouri, is now & has been under discussion in congress, for about a week; and will probably last a week or two longer - How it will be determined, I am not yet able to foretell - The Northern members are, in general, against the introduction, but the Southern are in favor -

S P Crafts -

Give my love to your Mama and Mary and to all my friends - and believe me to be yours, affectionately,Samuel C Crafts