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Publication InformationSmithsonian Institution,Woods Holl, Mass., July 22, 1881

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My Dear Mrs Marsh,

We were very glad to receive here, at Woods Holl, the joint letter from yourself & Mr Marsh, & to know something more definite about you. Please tell Mr Marsh that I thank him very much for his trying to get the book referred to, & was not at all surprised that he did not succeed, as the request has already baffled the efforts of a good many persons. I only wished to oblige Dr Wier Mitchell, a particular friend in the fancy he had for the works of Sanctorius.

I will write to the Consul at Leghorn about the statuary marbles. I wonder if the Collegio Romana would like to make exchanges for similar articles from the United States. I think I will address a letter on the subject.

If I could have seen my way clear to visiting Europe on the occasion of the Berlin Fishery Exhibition it would have given me great pleasure to do so, & among the many

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inducements to that end, would have been the prospect of seeing you & Mr Marsh in Rome. So far as I am concerned I have very little expectation of crossing the water, even though my life should be prolonged by several decades. I have so much to keep me busy here that the right time never seems to present itself; & the expense of the visit is beyond my means, unless made in behalf of the Government, as would have been the case in 1880.

Sincerely Yours,Spencer F BairdMrs C. C. Marsh,care Hon. Geo. P. Marsh,U.S. Minister,Rome.

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The neurologist Silas Wier Mitchell (1829-1914) developed the " rest cure" as a treatment for mental disorders. He was also a prolific novelist and poet.

An International Fishery Exhibition was held in Berlin in April, 1880.