Letter from SPENCER FULLERTON BAIRD to CAROLINE CRANE MARSH, dated January 25, 1884.

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Publication InformationSmithsonian InstitutionWashington, D.C., Jan'y 25, 1884

Dear M Marsh

I wrote you yesterday a partial answer to your inquiries; and now send an article by M. Goode, on the fisheries, published in 1882, containing much of the information you desire.

Take good care of this, and return it as soon as you have done with it; as it is the only copy M. Goode has.

Sincerely YoursS F BairdM. Geo. P. Marsh,Scarsdale, N.Y.

[The following appears on left margin]
The "Goode" article goes in separate envelope, with an article by Dr. Kidder on bacteria

References in this letter:

An ichthyologist, George Brown Goode (1851-1896) worked with Baird as assistant director of the U.S. National Museum. He succeeded Baird as museum curator (1887-1888) and on the U.S. Commission on Fish which he directed from the time of Baird's death until his own.

Jerome Henry Kidder (1842-1889) was a surgeon and natural historian.