Letter from SPENCER FULLERTON BAIRD to CAROLINE CRANE MARSH, dated August 12, 1886.

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Publication InformationU.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries.Woods Hole, Mass., Aug. 12, 1886Sepncer F. Baird,Commissioner.

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Dear M Marsh:

I send you, herewith, the last batch of letters received from the copyist, and finishing all that have been placed in her hands. It will be some little time after my return home before I can find the later letters, as they were not bound as were those up to 1865.

You will, of course, notice a great many typographical

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and punctuation errors, but I think the young lady copyist has done very well with M Marsh's extremely difficult chirography.

Sincerely Yours,S F BairdM George P. Marsh,Scarsdale,West Chester County,N.Y.