Letter from SPENCER FULLERTON BAIRD to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated April 20, 1874.

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Publication Information34,449.Washington, April 20. 1874.

My Dear Mr Marsh.

Yours of the 20 of March is at hand, & Lucy is greatly indebted to you for the prospect of seeing the Bulletin of the Municipality of Rome, which she has a very great desire to peruse.

I am happy to announce that in an invoice we are about sending to the Instituto at Milan, we shall include quite a large bundle of books for yourself, these embracing some of the more important publications of the Institution & of the Government bureaus, including 5 copies of my own Report, as U.S. Commissioner of Fisheries. I send you 5, one of these for yourself, & the rest to be distributed as you think best. The book will be valuable, as well for its accounts of the American methods of catching fish in large numbers, & of the nature of our fishing regulations, as for the very exhaustive memoir on the marine zoology of the south coast of New England by Prof. Verrill, to say nothing of Prof. Gill's list of the fishes.

With much love all of us to you & yours, believe me,

Sincerely Yours,S F Baird.Hon. Geo. P. Marsh.U.S. Minister,Rome, Italy.

we may make a separate package of you books to be forward separately

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