Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated January 2, 1851.

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To His ExcellencyHon Geo P Marsh --My Dear Friend

In accordance with the wishes of My Wife's Uncle, Dr Boyd Reilly of Washington, I now enclose the document he has sent to me for you together with two subsequent communications from him for you -- I have waited until now for a favourable opportunity to send them by a private hand--but even now, the papers cannot go so direct and soon as I could wish --

Dr Reilly has devoted a large part of his life time to the invention and improvement of his baths. I have seen them, and can testify to their great simplicity, convenience and usefulness -- Thus far he has not met with that reward, which his labours have so justly merited while all that I have ever heard speak of his inventions have admitted their great utility -- If you can do any thing at Constantinople to assist him, in the object of his communication I shall take it very kindly of you, and any expenses you may be at, necessary to carry out this purpose, I shall be happy to reimburse to you --

We have not heard from you (direct) since your first letter to me, to which I answered -- We are all quite well and we all join in wishing you and yours a most happy new year,

Every most sincerely you[r] friend

Florence Jan 2 1851 ---