Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated April 27, 1851.

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Publication InformationFlorence April 27 1851 --

To His ExcellencyHon George P Marsh

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My Dear Sir

My friend and our family connexion Mr Boyd Reilly having sent to me the enclosed papers with a request that I would forward them to you soon as possible. I now take great pleasure in complying with his wishes, although some what reluctantly on your account for I know how much you must be occupied with the duties and cares of your high office, I know too that Mr Reilly has no claims upon you further than so far as his inventions may give him as a public benefactor, who has devoted a large portion of a long life to an invention of great usefulness --

I was in Washington during 3 years or rather 3 sessions of Congress and as I lived under the same roof with Mr Reilly I had frequent opportunities for seeing and judging of his baths in use --. But it would be absurd --

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in me to think that my testimony would add any thing to the evidence his baths have obtained from the learned professional men of our country who have recommended them, and those who have so experienced their benefit.

If you can do any thing in this case without much trouble to yourself, I shall feel very grateful to you I am sorry to put you to the expense of this letter and I would avoid doing so if I could find any other way of sending it than by the post, I sent you a similar communication from Mr Reilly some months ago by a private hand -- Should it be necessary to incur cxpenses in carrying out Mr Reilly['s] wishes, I beg that you will advise me of it, that I may reimburse you.

We are all quite well, and all unite with me in best wishes for you and yours [..] that you will always regard me as your sincere friend I remain yours must truly --

H. Powers.

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