Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated January 9, 1868.

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Hon George P Marsh,

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My Dear friend

Last year the Gov agents sent to my son and me a demand to pay the forced loan -- My son--as you kindly suggested went to the office which issued the paper--and was told he must go to another--where he was told he must still go to a third agency as usual in such cases here -- He refused to go any further and we sent the papers back with the words on them--

"H. Powers and L Powers are both Citizens of the United States and therefore are not responsible to this claim -- Respectfully"

My son has now received another demand of the same sort and is told that he must send in your Certificate--or the Consuls

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to our American Citizenship or be made to pay the Loan --

Please let us know if we must do this--and oblige

Yours sincerely.


Jan 9 1868--

P.S. None of my sons have ever been called on for the conscription, and it is so well known to the authorities here, that we are not Italians but Americans--that it seems only vexacious that we should be again annoyed with this claim--or that we Should be put to expenses on account of it --

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