Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp Davis BrattleboroJuly 6 62Dear Wife,

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I arrived here safe Saturday morning and feel much better than when I left I have talked with the Col. and he tells me that I shall go home again if it is possible and he thinks it will be The Regt is now full and will be mustered in Tuesday I expect. I am officer of the day to day and have many papers to sign as well as other duties to perform and with a green lot of recruits there is a thousand things to tend to. but they will learn after a while I have nothing new to write and you must be contented with this till I see you again. Kiss the babies.

YoursVal. G. Barney
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PS. I will try and not forget those things for Carrie & Fred- the next time

Truly V.G.B.

I agreed with Old [Tatro] to hoe out the garden and you will pay him