Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Chicago Ill,Oct, 23rd 1862Mrs. V.G. Barney,

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I am sorry to be obliged to inform you that your husband is sick & unable just now to write himself. He was taken sick last Friday & he has been rather getting worse till now Dr Carpenter says he has a bilious fever. I do not think him dangerous, but tho his fever runs low, yet he will undoubtedly have a regular run. Yesterday I got him moved to a private house, where he has the best of quarters & I have detailed a Corporal to stay with him and take care of him. He wishes me to say that he wrote a week ago last Sun. or Mon. & has been

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hoping to be able to write every day since, but is at last obliged to give up the idea. The prospect is that we shall not be paid very soon & the Capt wishes you to go to the Bank and tell the cashier you want $25. o/oo (twenty five) for him & send it soon as convenient, by mail. I think the Capt will soon be up again, at least I can but hope so for the sake of the men in his Co. who all have the greatest possible respect for him, as well as for his own & your sake. He has had to work very hard for the Co. as he has had no Lieuts, since we left Winchester, as you are aware. He has rec’d two letters from you within a few days one an old one stating the arrival of Mercy & Hattie the time when they arrived he knew nothing of before. He got it yesterday.

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The lady of the house is the widow of a Methodist preacher & he will have the best of care & I trust you will not be concerned on that account. I came & found the place myself & got a carriage & moved him myself & am now with him & I will do for him as I would for a brother, as he has won my highest regards by his kindness as my superior in command & by his soldierly qualities. Hoping to be able to write you soon that he is better, I remain

Most Respectly YoursO.S. Whittmore 1st Sg’t.
Co. A.