Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp DouglasChicagoDec 16th 62Dear Maria

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As I did not get a chance to send you any line in the money package I will write you a few lines now I will enclose you the Express Co’s Recipt for the money $480- and probably ere this reaches you, you will get the package, but if you should not get it right off let me know I think it would be better to take up one of the notes that Bullard holds against me than to pay the recent store accounts but you may do as you think best. I think I will have the box I spoke of sent as soon as it is convienient for you to do so and the following are the

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articles I want sent pair Boots, Pants, Fur Collar if you can get a good one if not I will get one here. A small Pillow if you have one, my Gold Pen, one pr Socks, Two Towells, I dont think of any thing more now but if I should I will write I think you had better prepay the charges. have Lester fix it up and take it to the depot. There is nothing new in Camp I went up to Mrs. Snows Yesterday to Dinner and spent about 3 hours very pleasantly singing &c. I am going down Town in a few days to have my Photograph taken and if you are a good girl I will send you one I will write no more this time but will try and write a larger letter next time

Affectionately Your HusbandVal